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If you are selling your current home, it is likely one of the first and biggest steps that you are taking in the process of moving forward in your life towards new and exciting changes. You might be upsizing, downsizing, moving to a new city for professional opportunities or just needing to shake things up.

As your Listing Agent, I will market your home in the broadest possible way, in order to get you the highest possible price for your home in the shortest possible time. I have had a 100% success rate with all of my listings. I will  provide you with a CMA (Current Market Analysis) which will help us to determine together the best price at which to list your home.

I offer a free home-staging consultation with every listing. With my flair for and enjoyment of interior design, I will advise you on how to transform your home to make it as saleable as possible, quite often without you having to spend any money. I will try to help you work with the furnishings you have by offering advice on de-cluttering, painting, colour selection, rearranging furniture to optimize space and flow, and general de-personalizing of your space to make it as appealing as possible to as wide a range of potential buyers as possible. If home staging furniture is required, I will help you seek out possible rental companies that best suit your needs and your style.

Marketing strategies include:

  • Uploading the listing onto MLS so that your home can be viewed by Realtors and potential buyers on a national scale
  • Having professional photographs taken for the listing and for marketing materials
  • Having high quality glossy brochures produced which will be available to potential buyers when they view your home by appointment
  • Having detailed feature sheets produced which summarize all of the important features of your home, all the upgrades that you have added to your home, as well as proximity to schools, shopping, transit and arts and entertainment venues
  • Including a Virtual Tour of your home on the MLS listing
  • Uploading the professional photographs onto YouTube with a link that is exclusive to your property
  • Including this YouTube link on various marketing materials
  • Marketing the property on Facebook, Kijiji, and Craigslist and including the YouTube link in all of these media
  • Producing a QR (Quick Response) code specific to your property which will be used in conjuction with the various marketing materials
  • Featuring your home on my personal website as well as the website of my brokerage
  • Featuring your home in my monthly newsletter which reaches homes in the Upper Jarvis and east Cabbagetown neighbourhoods

I will treat your home as though it were my own, with the greatest possible respect and care. I will guide you through various decisions that will need to be made such as:

  • At what times showing appointments will be allowed and how my office should confirm  scheduled appointments with you
  • Whether or not to use the strategy of ”holding back” on offers
  • If holding back on offers, which date, what time and where offers should be reviewed
  • Whether or not you would prefer to have Agents’ and/or public open houses and when these would be scheduled
  • Whether or not to have a “Pre-Listing Inspection” done on your house
  • When to order the Status Certificate for your condominium
  • At what point to enlist the services of a lawyer

I will do my utmost to make your decision to sell your home as easy and as stress-free as possible. I look forward to working with you!